Melles Cornea Clinic

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Melles Cornea Clinic Serves Patients from Around the World

Melles Cornea Clinic is a highly specialized clinic that treats Dutch and foreign patients who have corneal diseases such as Fuchs endothelial dystrophy, keratoconus and bullous keratopathy. We also treat ocular surface diseases, such as disorders of the mucous membrane, the tear film and the conjunctiva. You will be treated using the very latest procedures. We develop these techniques in house in close collaboration with NIIOS (Netherlands Institute for Innovative Ocular Surgery)—a unique combination.

Fewer Risks, Faster Recovery

Melles Cornea Clinic was founded in 2004 by Dr. Gerrit Melles. He discovered that in most cases, you do not need to replace the entire cornea, but only the diseased layer (or lamella). This insight resulted in entirely new treatment techniques: lamellar corneal transplantations such as DMEK and Bowman layer transplantation. These techniques enable faster recovery, fewer risks, and often better vision. Dr. Melles’s innovations are now being used worldwide and have become the standard treatment in countries including the US, Germany and Spain.

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Part of the NIIOS Organization

Melles Cornea Clinic is part of the Netherlands Institute for Innovative Ocular Surgery, NIIOS, an independent organization focused on medical innovations for ophthalmic surgery. In addition to the clinic, we have a tissue bank, Amnitrans EyeBank, which prepares the donor grafts for use, and NIIOS R&D, which develops and refines our surgical procedures. Specialists around the world are adopting these NIIOS-pioneered techniques in ever greater numbers.

Tailored to Foreign Patients

We know how nerve-wracking treatment in a foreign clinic can be. That’s why we’ve designed Melles Cornea Clinic with the needs of foreign patients in mind. Whenever possible, we plan your intake and operation close together, to keep your travel to a minimum. The waiting list is short (two to three months for a corneal transplantation).
If you like, our team will take care of your hotel reservations and provide you with all the information to make your stay in Rotterdam—one of Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel Top 10—as pleasant as possible.

Many Languages

Are you dreading a potential language barrier? Don’t worry: our small, close-knit team comes from all over the world. At the clinic we speak English, Dutch, German, French, Spanish and even Arabic—so there’s a good chance we can even serve you in your own language.

Meet the Melles Cornea Clinic team.